About Me

Health care has always been a part of my career, first working as a Registered Nurse for over 30image years, then becoming interested in holistic health where I found a passion for helping people reach optimal health and live the lives they want.  In 1993 I became a Certified Unlimited Body Practitioner, followed shortly after that with a certification as an Unlimited Breath Practitioner.  Wanting to move into private practice, massage therapy seemed a wonderful and natural transition from my traditionally trained work as a nurse into the holistic world.  I recieved my license as a Massage Therapist in 2000 and have continued learning and growing since, adding Hot Stone Massage, Ear Candling, Ionic Foot Bath and Hydro-Colon-Cleansing through the years.  

Essential Healing and Massage where wellness is not a luxury, it's essential.